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Who Am I?

As time goes by, we grow and change and should periodically take the time to check in with ourselves. As we wrap up 2021, I am taking the opportunity to reflect on the lessons I have learned, what I have accomplished, and the areas of failure. While my professional life has taken off, I realized that my work-life balance left some of the people closest to me feeling unfulfilled. Although constantly striving to maintain balance in harmony in all areas, it is clear that there is still more work to do and an opportunity to do things differently in the new year. I am learning to say no to what doesn't serve me and not feel guilty professionally or personally. I plan to make time for the people that matter and take a break from relationships that aren’t productive. I intend to focus on the quality of my interactions rather than quantity to fill space or time. I feel guilty writing this but know that it is the right path to continued growth and becoming the person I want to be.

Thank you to my mentors and colleagues for listening and sharing your wisdom and experiences with me. It’s caused me on more than one occasion to contemplate my focus and choose my path with confidence and purpose.

Thank you to my friends and family, mostly for their love and patience. Sometimes tough love but caring enough to share their truths and helping me find my center.

I am looking forward to a new year full of opportunities to grow and make a difference in the lives of the people around me.

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