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Meet Ellie!

Founder and Business Consultant


   My name is Elizabeth "Ellie" May. I am committed to helping you reach your business goals both short and long term. Asa small business owner myself, I understand both the challenges and benefits facing small businesses in California. I have been an independent bookkeeper, human resources consultant and small business owner for more than 15 years

I am a Business Specialist & Human Resources Consultant who:

  • proactively meets company issues head-on with a creative and innovative approach

  • is enthusiastic and eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail, and excellent organizational skills

  • has clear understanding of Best Practices and Risk Management and training in Human Resources

  • has 20 years of expertise in project management and finance for construction sector businesses which has allowed me to cultivate rapport with individuals to optimize project goals and output, resolve complex problems, and deliver innovative improvement strategies

  • has knowledge about changing industry and employment market demands which allows me to utilize my expertise in benefits administration, compensation structuring and recruitment

   Ellie May Inc is dedicated to helping small businesses reach their fullest potential while staying current and compliant with both federal and state laws.  We are committed to helping you fight against discrimination in the workplace to create a healthy and satisfying environment where your employees can reach their fullest potential!

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Meet the Team!

Vice President

Barbara May

   Barbara is our Vice President! Her duties include but are not limited to; training new employees, interfacing with clients and staff members, in house coordinating, and assessing company's needs. She lives and works between the bustling city of LA and her rural home in Prineville, Oregon. Barbara's attention to detail and dedication to perfection makes her an excellent addition to our team as Vice President.


A Note from Barbara...

   Being part of Ellie May Inc is a refreshing change from working for more than 20 years in the corporate world. I am committed to putting my skills and experience to work for you, by providing you with efficient, accurate, and timely services. Seeing your small business succeed is my goal!

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Conner Luckey

   Conner has 7 years of branding and marketing experience with a focus in start-ups and an extensive background in photography and design. Having started many businesses himself as well as working with many other business owners and entrepreneurs, he brings a valuable skill set that will help the Ellie May team. Currently, he is putting time into the design and advertising portion along with corporate filings and other clerical work.


   Conner has worked with cannabis for 10 years and has managed several recreational licenses within the state of Oregon. He created his own company and brand in 2014 based out of Corvallis, Oregon. In 2016 he was approached by Phantom Farms with a partnership proposal. He won several awards for the cannabis grown that year and was promoted to the Head of Indoor Cultivation!

Gian Martorella

   Gian is a recent graduate of East Tennessee State University holding a Bachelor's in Psychology. Through his education and extensive experience with consumer psychology, visual merchandising, and digital marketing, he is able to help clients achieve their online marketing goals.


   Through his work, he hopes to gain professional experience and fulfillment by working closely with many different types of companies. He aspires to obtain a life-long career in marketing and use his skill set in order to assist those who need a larger online presence and guide them to the right path of success.

Jessica Moore

   Jessica is a recent graduate from East Tennessee State University with a bachelor's degree in marketing with a concentration in merchandising. Through her educational and professional background, she offers multiple skills in visual merchandising, content creation, and marketing. She is currently the social media manager for Ellie May Inc.

   She aspires to have a successful career in the marketing and visual merchandising field. She believes that through her aspirations, she will be able to assist in creating a beautiful and effective environment that will benefit a business’s overall success.

Ali Cooper

   Ali is assisting with accounting duties as well as developing a new wellness program that Ellie May Inc will provide to other businesses. She has a BFA in Fibers from the Kansas City Art Institute with years of experience in textile product development and manufacturing. During that time, she also dove into learning about nutrition and wellness to better navigate her personal health journey.


   She is now a 200 hr. YTT yoga instructor and an NBHWC candidate in the ADAPT Health Coaching Program. Throughout her experience in product development and wellness education, she has developed a deep interest in the direction of future product and tech development and how that contributes to human and environmental wellbeing.

Jamie Burdick

   Jamie Burdick is energetic and passionate about aiding business owners with a variety of administrative and financial needs. Jamie has 20 years of experience, dating back to her high school years using Peachtree to manage an aerial application company in South Louisiana. Jamie owned and operated three franchises throughout the state of Louisiana for 12 years.


   She has a wide range of skills including accounting, marketing, and process development. She takes pride in her versatility which has been earned through years of hands on experience in a variety of successful and rapidly evolving businesses. 


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Human Resources

Michelle Swauger

   Michelle has over 30 years of experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge. She has experience working in many different types of industries including financial services, manufacturing, retail and municipal services. 


   Michelle is an expert in each of the functional areas of the HR field including leadership and talent development, training and facilitation, fair employment practices, compensation structure and analysis, benefits analysis and design, payroll/HRIS systems, wage and hour compliance, employee relations, performance management, and policy development. She is adept at helping business owners identify and resolve complex employment issues, specifically in California.

Nydia Velez

   Nydia has consultative experience in various functional areas of Human Resources to include compensation programs, policies and procedures, managing project plans, identifying and implementing operational efficiencies, total rewards, compliance, training and facilitation, talent management, and technical expertise with different HRIS systems and compensation tools.

   She has specialized in compensation for many years and possess a certification as a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP). Her expertise enables her to provide a full range of compensation services such as executive compensation, competitive benchmarking, budget forecasting and modeling, job evaluations to include job analysis, job leveling, and job classification   


   Nydia has a passion for people and is effective in assisting companies gain a better understanding of their place in the industry by gauging their performance among their peers. She has worked with small, medium, and large companies in various types of industries to include but not limited to technology, entertainment biotechnology, medical, and financial services. As a strategic partner, she welcomes the opportunity to assist your company toward achieving your business goals.

Technical Advisors

Jason Shellman

Jared Bellard

Jared co-manages media content/production and front end web design for Ellie May Inc. His life philosophy is to live in such a way that he has zero regrets about anything he's done, or experienced, good or bad, at the end of the road. Jared currently resides in Oregon and is a transplant from Louisiana. He is experimenting with the nomad lifestyle and keeping a lighter footprint for environmental impact. Jared is a man of many hobbies to include: playing guitar, riding motorcycles, and has a general curiosity about mechanics and electronics just to name a few. He spent 5 years in the United States Airforce, where he did everything from base operations control, to managing an entire vehicle fleet, and managing sector logistics for a base defense operation squadron in Afghanistan. Jared is very passionate about seeing people do things they were meant to do or think they could never do. 

   Jason is a highly personable executive software engineer, thought leader, and innovator with 20+ years of experience delivering high-impact software solutions emphasizing various ERP/CRM systems spanning virtually every industry sector. Jason has demonstrated repeated success in helping companies gain efficiencies in software deployments while providing unique and outstanding customer experiences for customers, employees, and end-users alike.


   As a technical advisor, Jason can assist with various services to help companies accomplish their IT vision, and assist in finding the appropriate resources to make those visions a reality.