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The team at Ellie May Inc comes together to create a workplace that fosters inclusivity, creative thinking, innovative strategies, and above all - superior teamwork. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to provide our clients with only the most exceptional customer service backed by our decades of expertise in our respective fields.



Elizabeth May

Elizabeth is the mastermind behind Ellie May Inc. She created the company to help solve problems that she was facing as a multi-business owner looking to grow. Elizabeth is a gifted creative thinker, and is continually connecting the dots when there are seemingly no dots to connect! She is a problem solver that never backs down from crisis management. Her clients and peers admire her relentless drive, backed by fierce determination and loyalty. When she’s not working or traveling, she’s in the gym, creating art, or cooking something exquisite. Elizabeth lives in California with her two boys and a German shorthaired pointer named Axel.

Founder & CEO


Barbara May

Barbara is the glue that holds the team together. She is a master coordinator, organizing departments and personally training all staff to excel in their roles. Barbara holds the vision of Ellie May Inc, and just so happens to be the ultimate bookkeeping wizard. When she was little, she knew she wanted to be a mom when she grew up, and now, she gets to work alongside her daughter, Elizabeth. Barbara’s friends would describe her as a friendly, happy nature lover who enjoys hiking, photography, and rockhounding around her home in rural Oregon. 

Vice President

Shannon Hawkins

Glass Buildings_edited_edited.jpg

Shannon is the ultimate multi-tasker at Ellie May Inc. Her roles are hard to define, as Shannon jumps in anywhere she’s needed, whether it’s managing the team’s calendars, coordinating schedules, or keeping up with the day-to-day tasks that ensure the company runs smoothly. Shannon is dedicated to fitness in her personal life, and you’ll often find her in the gym, as bodybuilding is one of her favorite hobbies. She’s not all work and no play, as Shannon enjoys art tours, hiking, and spending time with her dogs, Elsa and Vinny in their hometown of Reseda, California.

Executive Assistant


Ben TeBockhorst

Ben is the bookkeeping guru you are looking for if you prize pristine organization and attention to detail. He approaches his work with a tactical eye and views finances like a strategic puzzle that must be solved. One of Ben’s many talents is costume design and sewing, with his beloved dog Barbie acting as one of his muses and models. A lover of all seasons, Ben enjoys the slopes as much as the beach, but not nearly as much as he loves the spicy tuna tacos at Jinya in Studio City!

Executive Business Manager

Executive Assistant

Syed has been interested in business development and entrepreneurial pursuits since he was a little kid. After studying Human Resources at University, Syed went on to earn his post-graduate degree in Public Administration. His professional goals revolve around continually expanding on his business acumen and as an Executive Assistant with Ellie May Inc, Syed is expanding his repertoire daily. He is a diligent, tech-savvy individual that enjoys juggling multiple challenges at once. When he’s not working, you can find Syed in the gym, playing snooker, or exploring new culinary delights in his hometown of Lahore, Pakistan.

Syed Irfan.JPG


Syed Irfan

Gian bio photo_edited.jpg

Gian Martorella


Gian brings his excellent communication skills and meticulous attention to detail to every client he works with. Gian prides himself on helping his accounts get their books in order, with an easy-to-understand organizational structure that allows them to financially flourish. As a kid, Gian wanted to grow up to be a rockstar. As an adult, Gian plays six different instruments! While he loves music, especially playing the guitar, Gian can also be found playing sports, hanging out at Barnes & Noble, and hiking in his free time. He currently lives in Tennessee with his Maine Coon, Pablo.

jamie burdick.jpg

Jamie Burdick


Jamie is an excellent bookkeeper for many reasons, but mostly because she truly enjoys helping her clients take what some might consider chaotic, and turn it into a perfectly organized work of art. Yes, records and finances can become art when you take as much care as Jamie does. Her clients appreciate her attention to detail, and her friends and colleagues would describe her as happy, fun-loving, and loyal. In her free time, you might Jamie enjoying a Bloody Mary at brunch or hiking a mountain near her home in Central Oregon. Jamie loves to hike, dance, and hang out with her Catahoula, Flyer.


Mel Loucks


Mel joins the bookkeeping team with a natural talent for making sense out of complex numerical puzzles. He enjoys helping his clients digest the language behind their finances, and leads them to a better understanding of their financial status. Looking forward, Mel aspires to continue volunteering in his community to aid the homeless in any way he can. Whether it’s a good conversation or a good meal, Mel is passionate about helping those in need. In his free time, Mel loves to garden and go on long hikes in the Arizona desert.

Rita Miller


Rita is an accounting powerhouse and a natural-born leader. With over a decade of experience in Quickbooks and professional application of accounting principles, Rita’s numerical expertise is matched only by her superior customer service skills. Clients and co-workers alike admire her commitment to integrity in everything she does.  When she’s not crunching numbers, Rita is likely riding her motorcycle, crafting, or spending time with family. In addition to her people, Rita is much loved by her pit bull, King, and her Russian blue, George. 


Untitled-8 (1).jpg

Josh Swauger

Josh’s brain is constantly creating. He views the world through an artistic lens with the ability to analyze a business’ objectives and support them with visually appealing marketing collateral. His open-minded curiosity, friendliness, and adaptability are some of the reasons why his clients love to work with him. Josh loves to create everything from digital art to music videos, and if he’s not listening to new music or spending time with his cat Monroe, you can probably find him skateboarding. Josh currently lives in California, but can see himself exploring Japan or the coasts of Italy.

Marketing Specialist

Conner Luckey


Photography & Design

Conner is an experienced entrepreneur with a long legacy in the cannabis industry. A decade of cultivating led him to grow award-winning marijuana, and launch multiple businesses in the cannabis industry. In addition to his latest launch of a pre-rolls called Luckey’s, Conner is also an avid hemp activist, working to illuminate hemp as the incredible agricultural product it is. A brilliant creative, Conner works freelance in a variety of disciplines. When he’s not taking photos or beekeeping, you can find him surfing or hanging out with his beloved dog.


Jared Bellard

Jared’s keen eye for detail is why some might dub him the “developer of webdom”. His specialty is taking ideas and turning them into visual realities for his clients. In addition to his web dev talents, Jared is a talented photographer and videographer. His peers describe him as highly driven, courageous, and stoic. Jared is a man of many interests, talents, and passions. When not designing or shooting photos, he is likely researching new investment opportunities, playing guitar, or working out.  A perfectly prepared margarita is his happy hour beverage of choice when hanging out with friends.

 Media & Website Development



Nydia Velez

Nydia is a strategic consultant specializing in compliance, compensation, competitive analysis, and total rewards. She helps businesses with everything from benefits and incentives, to understanding their place in the market. Her passion for people and helping them succeed is why clients love to work with Nydia. She goes above and beyond to navigate complex business challenges and turn them into achievable goals. Outside of work, Nydia is always eager to travel with her family and nurture her creative side with art and design projects. A natural athlete, Nydia can also be found hiking in her home state of California.

HR Consultant


Michelle Swauger

HR Consultant

Michelle has spent her entire career working in human resources. She is the epitome of a people person and her clients appreciate her deep compassion. Michelle is an excellent listener and works in a very methodical, logical, and fair way to reach the best solution for all parties. Ellie May Inc is lucky to have Michelle as a part-time advisor. When Michelle isn’t working, you can find her relaxing with a glass of red wine or spending time with her two sons in their home state of California.

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