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Wild and Free

My son recently dared me to chase the waves as we were walking along the beach. He even offered to carry my shoes!  I quickly stripped off my socks and shoes and proceeded to get sandy and wet chasing waves, collecting shells and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather in the middle of November.  Carrying my shoes, he patiently followed my progress down the beach well out of reach of the waves. Needing to show him my newest collection, I went up the beach to chat with him. He looked me and said, “Mom, you’re so wild!” I shared with that as I’ve gotten older my goals have changed, what I value has solidified and what I want most for myself is to always be wild and free.

For me, being wild and free means letting go of the expectations of others and enjoying the moments in life amidst the daily grind, balancing work and family and constantly challenging myself to on become the best version of me. While I am not always successful at this, I always take time to check in with myself. 

Am I happy with who I am?

Am I happy with where I’m at?

If the answer to either of those questions is no, it is time to ask myself what I can change to realign who I am and where I’m at so that I am living the life that I am proud of. Sometimes it’s putting down work to talk to a friend or watching a movie with my boys even though there is dirty dishes in the sink. Other times the work is harder and requires self-discipline to change a pattern of behavior or thinking.  It’s through that work that I am my most content and I can live a joyful life, wild and free!

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