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Life Begins Now

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster from illness to strained relationships but it also had new opportunities and a few wins. As usual, my hair has taken the brunt of my need to blow off some steam. Choosing a color and style that reflects my mood and lifts my spirit. Knowing that small change while temporary brings happiness and makes me remember the joy in the art of living.

Some days I don’t feel pretty or smart, I don’t feel creative, or that I have anything inspiring to say. It’s those times I work on self-care and lean on my friends and family for support. Whether is an extra meditation, taking time to enjoy a cup of coffee, or a bottle of wine with a good friend who is always willing to listen. After that, it’s waking up the next morning, remembering who you are, what your goals are, and getting back to work. Take a moment of calm before diving into the deep end.

Fall seven times, rise eight times, life begins now. ~ Japanese Proverb

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